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I Help CEOs Build Companies That Honors Their Passion, Their Family, And Their Finances

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RUKE, is an Artist, Author & Inventor    See RUKE’s Trailer here


He’s Described as a Creative Entrepreneur and Artist who Transforms Visions into Reality.


Ruke has worked with Intellectual Properties of Disney, Marvel and Chico’s.


He started his first company, Ruke Illustrations, 2 Decades ago and grew it into blink, a full-service Creative Marketing Studio.


After great success, he upped the fun by jumping into the Video Game Industry, first representing them and then creating them.


In 2010, all the experience and talents were combined to create Game Nation, an Experiential Video Game Theme Park and Resort concept.


RUKE became an Inventor, in 2016. He received a Patent for “A System and Method for Providing a Multi-Players game Experience” in a physical space, bringing video games to life.


He enjoys spending quality time with his family playing Video Games, Legos or working on miniature sets and worlds inspired by Star Wars.



RUKE is Privately Trained as an Artist Since the Third Grade

He Still Has Every Star Wars Toy Since Childhood

He Married his Wife 3 Months After 1st Date…It’s been 20 Years with 4 Daughters 

They Plays Video Games as a Family on a Weekly Basis

RUKE Started his First Company 22+ Years Ago and is Still Making Money With It Today

Invented a Method for Bringing Video Games to Life