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Jardon Houses

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I’m Lisa Jardon, I help people to make money in real estate in ways that they never knew existed.

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We provide the best real estate investing education classes in my opinion.  All classes are done online at your convenience.  We have 67 classes taught by 32 practitioner instructors that practice what they teach.  We have classes on all types of different strategies to invest, including Fix and Flip, Buy and Hold, Short Term Rentals, Private and Hard Money lending, Debt Reduction Strategies, Short Sales, Short Term Rentals, Long Term Rentals, Land Development, Seller Financed Notes, Wholesaling, Lease Options and more.

What makes our education stand out is the network behind it.  We have study groups, coaching sessions and meet ups.  We are not like the gurus that come in town with a 3 day boot camp and leave, we are local and nationwide to help guide you through the process.

Give me a call and I will guide you through the entire process.  My cell phone is 847-558-2882